Os javalis selvagens da Europa Central estão a levantar preocupações. A espécie mostra sinais de radioatividade, resultado do acidente nuclear de Chernobyl, e a causa está nos cogumelos contaminados.
O Sindicato Independente dos Médico avança que, de acordo com dados iniciais, a greve que decorre esta quarta-feira na região Norte está a ter uma adesão entre "os 80 e os 90%".
In oxygen-compromising conditions like diabetes, the body grows new blood vessels to help, but the result is often leaky, dysfunctional vessels that make bad matters worse.
In a sharp and pointy world, wound healing is a critical and marvelous process. Despite a tremendous amount of scientific study, many outstanding mysteries still surround the way in which cells in living tissue respond to and repair physical damage.
Researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington have discovered that zinc targets and blocks a specific calcium channel in esophageal cancer cells, preventing them from proliferating.
Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have developed a new gel patch prototype that could speed up the healing of a skin wound while minimizing the formation of scars. The team unveiled the patch today as a proof-of-concept.